Which plants are suitable for outdoor planter boxes?

Which plants are suitable for outdoor planter boxes?

Urban planning pays more and more attention to landscape planning in recent years, so more and more outdoor planter boxes appear in our vision, they represent our living environment. But after all, planter boxes are outdoor, the living environment of plants in outdoor planters is much worse than that of indoor plants. So, which plants are suitable for planting in outdoor planter boxes?

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1. Wind and drought-resistant plants

We all know that the outdoor environment often has windy weather or heavy rain. In midsummer, the plants in the outdoor planters need to have wind resistance and drought resistance. So Ophiopogon japonicus is more suitable for planting in the outdoor planter box.

2. A low plant

If the outdoor planter box is placed on the road, then low plants should be planted in the box to avoid pedestrians’ sight or to hinder traffic. And the growth ductility of such plants should not be too strong. Otherwise, they need to be taken care of frequently, causing unnecessary trouble and increasing labor costs. The plants suitable for planting in these places are Gardenia jasminoides Ellis, Rhododendron, etc.

3. Plants that don’t need regular care

If the outdoor planter box is to be placed at a high place, it is necessary to choose plants that do not need frequent care to reduce the cost of manpower and material resources. Moreover, the planter box at a high place is often more suitable for vine plants, which have strong ductility and are more beautiful when extended from a high place. Morning glory and Chlorophytum are very suitable.

4. Generous flowers

Some outdoor planter boxes are located at or near the gates of government agencies, buildings, apartments, and office buildings. So these planter boxes need to plant some more solemn and generous flowers to fit the overall image. Generally, they are planted with Phalaenopsis or rose. Sometimes, they can combine various flowers, and they can also plant some trees, which is also very solemn and generous.



The growth of plants in outdoor planter boxes is greatly affected by the natural environment, so it is necessary to plant plants with strong growth ability. Otherwise, it will take a lot of time to maintain it, and the gain is not worth the loss. There are many plants suitable for planting in the outdoor planter box, but they should meet the above requirements. Moreover, the outdoor planter box plants should be managed regularly after planting, maintained timely, and maintained according to season or fixed time to maintain the overall landscape.

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