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Why do you need a commercial planters?

Why do you need a commercial planters? In the city, the largest green area is scenic spot, wetland and park. However, the green space of commercial center, buildings and roads is limited. But the greening of these spaces is also very important, so we need to use commercial planters.Commercial planters generally have two major USES: one is greening, and the other is isolation. Most of the time the two are unified, both can be isolated and can be green.The planters are mainly a series [...]


How to choose the plant pots?

How to choose the plant pots? As a new and environmentally friendly landscape products, the outdoor plant pots are becoming more and more popular. The plant pots can be used not only in the garden, but also as a city road landscape, to beautify the environment. While beautifying the environment, it is conducive to air purification. While protecting the environment, it can also make people relaxed and happy.With so many different materials and styles of plant pot, how do you choose the right [...]

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