How to Protect Your Outdoor Furniture?

How to Protect Your Outdoor Furniture?

Outdoor furniture, also called garden furniture or patio furniture. It is a kind of furniture specifically designed and made for outdoor space use. It is typically made of weather-resistant, anti-corrosion materials such as rust-proof stainless steel.

Family outdoor furniture is often as a patio set consisting of a table, chairs, and a parasol. The bench, chaise longue, planter pots are also common items. On that note, keep your outdoor furniture in top shape. So that you can enjoy it the most, there are must take a couple of maintenance measures, about which we will be talking below.


Since we are talking about the outdoor, the most significant risk factors for furniture damage are extremely hot or cold temperatures and the rain and ultraviolet. You should know that maintenance may be relatively easier than you would first think. Especially if you are buying quality outdoor furniture. All the quality outdoor furniture must durable, and to do so, the furniture features rust-free powder coated stainless steel, UV light-resistant textiles, and well as foam. Of course, wood that isn’t prone to rot. However, as with much any product, a little care and maintenance can go a long way. So here is a bit of advice on doing that.

How to Protect Your Outdoor Furniture?

Using covers

Maybe the most prominent and crucial step in ensuring that your garden furniture will last longer and stay in top shape is to use covers, during you not using it.  When it comes to using covers, ensure that you are taking full coverage, therefore complete protection against dust, weather, etc. So, you need in covers are highly lasting and low porosity materials, such as durable polyester fabrics. In this way, no matter the outside circumstances, your garden furniture will be kept safe.


Although it’s recommended you clean your furniture a couple of times in the period that you’re actively using them, it is even more important to clean it when you are preparing it for storage during the winter months thoroughly. If there is any moisture, dirt, or other debris left on your outdoor furniture for a long time, it is risking mold growth, and that you can’t solve the problem with an easy rinse. Not only mold affects the beauty of furniture, but it also smells evil and poses a health hazard. According to the different materials, the way of cleaning will be other.

Easily clean the wicker, stiff fabric, or polymers outdoor furniture by sponge that is soaked in a dish soap and water mixture. You don’t need to use any more potent chemicals.

The concerned wood outdoor furniture requires careful. Not to damage them by using inadequate products or scrubbing too hard, leading to the paint’s chipping. So, it is enough to wipe it down with a damp cloth for whitewashed or painted wood.

After your cleaning and you will store the furniture afterward, ensure to let it dry first.

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It is imperative to treat your outdoor furniture properly! Besides cleaning, the way you will coat the object heavily depends on the material—the best to consult a professional about your specific garden furniture set before you do.

Plastics: Plastic materials are the only ones that don’t require coating since they are resistant to pretty much anything but melting. The plastic materials are probably the easiest ones for maintenance.

Finished metal and stainless steel: Rust is the metal biggest problem. If there are no hints, it is enough to coat the metal surface with paste wax for further protection.

Textiles: As we said earlier, with fabrics, the biggest problem is mold. But if you are taking care enough of outdoor furniture, you probably won’t encounter this problem. So when you thoroughly wash and then dry tour textiles, please treat them with a good fabric protector.

Wood: About wood is not retain moisture because it leads to cracking and rotting. You can achieve this by coating a sealant on the wood.


Storing properly

If you can do so, it will be best for your outdoor furniture when you store it during the off-season to protect it. A garage, basement, or storage shed is ideal for this occasion. But ensure everything is adequately covered and that the furniture isn’t stored while it’s still wet.

Taking that bit of extra care for your outdoor furniture goes a long way. Ensure follow all the steps mentioned above, and you will undoubtedly be enjoying your patio for years to come!

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