Outdoor Sorting Metal Trash Bins for Community

Outdoor Sorting Metal Trash Bins for Community

ManufacturerChongqing Huangding Garden Facilities Co., Ltd.
MaterialGalvanized steel
FinishingPowder Coated

HD-N42 outdoor sorting metal trash bins are customized and produced by the client, and it is designed and made to supply waste collection for residents of the community in Chongqing.

HD-N42 outdoor sorting metal trash bins, the whole is composed of three parts:

  1. 4 classified trash bins or 6 classified trash bins: made of galvanized steel, with white powder coated;
  2. Washbasin: made of high-quality stainless steel, surface smooth and natty, easy to clean;
  3. Billboard /Canopy: made of galvanized steel, with white powder coated.



The feature:

  • First of all, use pedal type to open the lid, simple in structure, but convenient and hygiene in use;
  • Also, the lid with a hydraulic device to make it close slowly and to avoid clamping hands;
  • Another, the materials adopt a thickening design, more sturdy & durable;

Outdoor Sorting Metal Trash Bins

Chongqing Huangding Garden Facilities Co., Ltd, is a leading trash recycling bins manufacturer in China.

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