New style intelligent classified garbage collection bins

New style intelligent classified garbage collection bins

ManufacturerChongqing Huangding Garden Facilities Co., Ltd.
MaterialStainless steel, plastics
Size320*145*230 CM

This intelligent classified garbage collection bins is a perfect combination of brand new design concept and leading technology.

  • The appearance is delicate and fashionable, with a sense of science and technology
  • Color collocation is clever, classification mark is concise and conspicuous.

The biggest highlight is that, users can register a personal account through “portrait collection” via the android touch screen, and then verify their identity through “face recognition” when sorting and delivering garbage.
New style intelligent classified garbage collection bins

The intelligent classified garbage collection bins was used in residential community, It is convenient for people to sort garbage.


Thanks for the client are very happy about our quality, price and service.


Innovative technology, leading the new fashion of garbage classification.

New-style-intelligent-classified-garbage-collection-binsFace recognition

The user selects “face recognition” authentication mode on the android touch screen, and continues to complete garbage sorting after completing the face brushing program in front of the device.

New-style-intelligent-classified-garbage-collection-binsHd advertising screen

Equipped with two 32-inch highlighted screens, support a variety of formats video and picture playback.

New-style-intelligent-classified-garbage-collection-binsFull alert

When the trash bin inside a box is full, the corresponding warning light will be on, and the delivery port will stop working.

New-style-intelligent-classified-garbage-collection-binsPrevention of clamp hand

Yellow anti-clamping hand baffle is set at each garbage delivery port to avoid harm to human body when the delivery port is closed

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