Custom metal trash bins for highway service area

Custom metal trash bins for highway service area

Project Description
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  • 2020-08-12

Client Custom Metal Trash Bins

HD-N29 Metal trash bins are customized and produced by the client, which are designed and made to supply waste collection solutions in the Guizhou highway service area. 







HD Garden Facilities


Stainless steel

Single (L)38×(W)38×(H)78cm


Client: Guizhou ****** management

Project overview:

Custom metal trash bins for Highway service areaThe supply and installation of 452 sets customized stainless-steel trash bins, which were engineered and located to replace the original old plastic trash bins. HD Garden Facilities secured a comprehensive full site survey and manufactured a sample for approval by the client.

* 304 stainless steel outer walls with the powder coat finish
* Hinged side entrance door for easy servicing
*Mating color allow mixing and matching in any desired grouping
*Galvanized steel liners
*Freestanding or surface mount


First from the comprehensive full site survey to 3D drawing, and from sample confirmation to the production process, then from transportation to site installation, HD Garden Facilities strictly follow client requirements and schedules.

Package: The customer confirms the simple plastic wrap. It can not only reduce the cost of packing, and also facilitate the installation of workers while keeping the products intact.


Transport: According to the client’s request, HD delivers the metal trash bins to the client designated place in batches, and complete the installation.

Acceptance: After the installation is completed, then the client checked and accepted the product in all the total 35 highway service areas, and praised our product quality, price, and service.

Chongqing Huangding Garden Facilities Co., Ltd, is a leading waste recycling bins manufacturer in China.

Different models and dimensions available   / Design Service available  / Buyer Label available

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