3 yard hook lift dumpster for the sanitation

3 Yard Hook Lift Dumpster For The Sanitation

3 Yard hook lift dumpster, made in China factory HD Garden Facilities,  the product model HD-D011.

The dumpster is used in conjunction with the client’s existing hook lift truck. The roll-off dumpster can be separated from the truck body by loading and unloading the hydraulic arm hook. When the waste fills in the dumpster, then dumping it to a refuse transfer station or a waste disposal site a hook lift truck. The hook lift dumpster is used for fixed-point waste collection in open areas, such as the village, factory.

3 yard hook lift dumpster for the sanitation

3 yard hook lift dumpster for the sanitation

The hook lift dumpster parameters:

1. Outline Dimensions: 2100*1500*1250mm
2. Other sizes: Center height of lifting lug 830mm; Outside width of box guide 930mm; The height of the guide rail under the dumpster 120mm; Locking point size 13050mm
3. Each one feeding port is set on both sides of the dumpster body, the size of which is 1090×450mm;
4. The feeding cover is opened with tension spring power to ensure that the vehicle cannot be opened on the way.
5. The dumpster body’s primary material: the main material is made of low alloy Q345B hot steel coil, and the frame is made of a 30*50*2.5mm rectangular tube. The box body’s bottom plate is ≥2mm, the side plate of the box body is ≥2mm, the front plate of the box body is ≥2.0mm, and the box body’s rear door plate is ≥2.0mm.
6. The anti-collision plate at the hook and ring of the box body made of extra-high strength carbon steel, with full-thickness ≥14mm, high strength, little wear, and long service life.
7. Anticorrosion process: The dumpster body completely degreasing, pickling and phosphating process before painting, and the outside of the dumpster body shall be painted by a unique automobile painting process (coating thickness 96um); Ensure no noticeable rust marks within five years.
8. The back door of the dumpster body has been equipped with a sealing device. And the sealing rubber strip of the back door is oil resistant, corrosion-resistant, and aging resistant, to ensure no sewage leakage.

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