How to place the planters in Plaza?

How to place the planters in Plaza?

How To Place The Planters In Plaza? Different scenes, the choice of planter is also different. However, appropriate placement can make the surroundings more pleasant. Here, we are going to talk about the planter boxes in the Plaza. How to place the planters in Plaza? Five styles to see it at a glance. 1. Classic Style The classical style refers to place the planter boxes vertically, and forming a cross with the main building. Which is very dignified, formal and powerful.2. Surround Style The surround style refers to [...]


Why do you need a commercial planters?

Why do you need a commercial planters? In the city, the largest green area is scenic spot, wetland and park. However, the green space of commercial center, buildings and roads is limited. But the greening of these spaces is also very important, so we need to use commercial planters.Commercial planters generally have two major USES: one is greening, and the other is isolation. Most of the time the two are unified, both can be isolated and can be green.The planters are mainly a series [...]

Those unexpected creative advertising benches

Those Unexpected Creative Advertising Benches You may have seen the advertisement on the bench in public places, but you sure not have seen such these clever and creative advertising benches. Here are a few interesting outdoor advertising benches, which not only impress you, but also increase the convenience of use, so as to enhance the desire to buy goods. Becherovka “Get Closer” BenchBecherovka is a traditional Czech liquor enjoyed by men and women, the market itself has the slogan “Get Close” which is [...]


Metal park benches make a beautiful landscape in city

Metal Park benches make a beautiful landscape Metal park benches are mostly used in parks, communities, large amusement parks, shopping malls and other public places, its a product for people to rest. The unique design and exquisite production make the metal park benches gradually become a beautiful landscape in the city.Also, park benches bring convenience to people and make the environment more harmonious.Another, park benches is durable and easy to maintain.Chongqing Huangding Garden Facilities Co.,Ltd, is a leading outdoor park benches manufacturer in China. The main categories [...]

HD outdoor park benches

How to choose the best outdoor benches?

How to choose the best outdoor benches? The outdoor benches are widely used in garden, parks, plaza, streets, bus stations etc, it give your customers or patrons a place to sit while they’re waiting for someone, or just to relax and enjoy the outdoors. The benches are a decorative and useful addition to any outdoor area, whether it’s outside your business or in a community area.In order to fit various spaces and needs,here have a wide array of designs for [...]


How to choose the plant pots?

How to choose the plant pots? As a new and environmentally friendly landscape products, the outdoor plant pots are becoming more and more popular. The plant pots can be used not only in the garden, but also as a city road landscape, to beautify the environment. While beautifying the environment, it is conducive to air purification. While protecting the environment, it can also make people relaxed and happy.With so many different materials and styles of plant pot, how do you choose the right [...]

the park benches should be makes you feel comfortable

Blame these benches for making me spend a day in the park.

Blame these benches for making me spend a day in the park. Find a park benches, sit down, listen to music, enjoy the scenery. Don’t you just want to relax? You see, in the park, Even if you do nothing, no one will take care of you. Usually, what do you go to the park for? Want to breathe some fresh air in the pressure crack? Want to see the flowers and trees to please your eyes? Or… Want to meet something beautiful? Waiting for the [...]

peculiar city benches

Did you ever see these peculiar city benches?

Peculiar Modelling City Benches In many cities, there are places that attract people, such as sculptures and buildings. Today, I want to tell you about the very creative city benches in the city.                   Let’s take a look!                                                                              [...]

How to maintain stainless steel planters?

How to maintain stainless steel planters?

How to maintain stainless steel planters? With the continuous development of economy, stainless steel is widely used in daily life because of its excellent material and durability. Such as cutlery, kitchenware, outdoor stainless steel planters, waste recycle bins etc…For stainless steel planters or waste recycle bins in harsh environment for a long time, the surface is also prone to corrosion and rust, which affects the beauty and service life.Therefore, we need regular cleaning and maintenance of stainless steel surface to maintain gorgeous [...]

The advantages of "HD" metal park benches

The advantages of “HD” metal park benches

The advantages of “HD” metal park benches Park benches is a kind of product for people to relax when they are tired of outdoor activities. With the development of the times, the park benches have been widely used in parks, garden, large playgrounds, shopping plazas and public places. Because the metal park benches bringing superiority to people’s lives, and making the environment more harmonious.According to the material, the park benches are classified into several categories:Environmental protection wood park bench Mountain camphor wood [...]

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