The advantages of “HD” metal park benches

The advantages of “HD” metal park benches

Park benches is a kind of product for people to relax when they are tired of outdoor activities. With the development of the times, the park benches have been widely used in parks, garden, large playgrounds, shopping plazas and public places. Because the metal park benches bringing superiority to people’s lives, and making the environment more harmonious.

The advantages of "HD" metal park benches

According to the material, the park benches are classified into several categories:

  • Environmental protection wood park bench
  • Mountain camphor wood park bench
  • Metal park bench

Chongqing Huangding Garden Facilities Co.,Ltd, is a professional manufacturer of outdoor benches. According to customer needs to develop the most practical and best quality outdoor benches, include material of mountain camphor, pine, teak, plastic wood, stainless steel, aluminium alloy etc, especially metal park benches is the most advantages.

The advantages of “HD” metal park benches

1. Carefully selected steel pipes, steel plates, galvanized steel wire and other raw materials;

2. Advanced production process processing molding, the color base on customers’ requirements;

3. Professional treatment for all the parts, such as overall degreasing, derusting, surface pickling and phosphating;

4.  Double-layer high-quality outdoor powder coating treat the surface of the product, to ensure the durability of the product;

5. The solid parts are made of stainless steel, suitable for all kinds of bad weather and environment, fire-resistant, resistant to high and low temperature, waterproof, anti-corrosion.

Huangding Garden Facilities are leading manufactures and supplies of Metal Park Benches, offer a wide collection of Metal Park Bench. These can be used in resorts, parks, hotels and garden. Hence, these products are in high demand in the markets.

HD use best quality Iron/stainless steel to prepare Metal Park Bench. Make sure that deliver orders on time, meanwhile superior quality have fetched a good reputation in the market.

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