Those unexpected creative advertising benches

Those Unexpected Creative Advertising Benches

You may have seen the advertisement on the bench in public places, but you sure not have seen such these clever and creative advertising benches.

Here are a few interesting outdoor advertising benches, which not only impress you, but also increase the convenience of use, so as to enhance the desire to buy goods.

Becherovka “Get Closer” Bench

Those unexpected creative advertising benches

Becherovka is a traditional Czech liquor enjoyed by men and women, the market itself has the slogan “Get Close” which is what this bench forces people to do.

Marylhurst University – We’re Closer Than You Think

Those unexpected creative advertising benches

This artfully designed bench creatively shows how easy it is to register at marlehurst university.

Denver Water -Use Only What You Need

Those unexpected creative advertising benches

From part-built billboards to half-finished park benches, Denver water’s popular “use only what you need” campaign promotes sustainability throughout the city.

Nestle – Creative outdoor advertising

Those unexpected creative advertising benches

There are probably few benches in the world that make you hungrier than this one.

Emirates Today – Small In Size, Heavy In Content


The English newspaper’s slogan “Small In Size, Heavy In Content”, fits perfectly into the sloping structure of the park bench.

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