What kind of the public garbage bin suitable for your commercial space?

Compare Different Materials Of The Public Garbage Bin

Public garbage bin, also called outdoor commercial garbage bin, is a large one that not used in families. They usually serve in streets, parks, neighborhoods, schools, airports, etc.

There are mainly the following materials:

1. The plastic garbage bin is a product of molds high-density polyethylene (HDPE).

Public Garbage Bin -plastic garbage bin

There are three classes of plastic materials distributing on the market:
Plastics that are newly-made of fresh HDPE; it made of mixed with 80% new HDPE and 20% recycled plastics; and plastics that only made of recycled plastics. Please noted those products are not as many businessmen advertised that their products are brand-new.

In terms of modeling, the plastic garbage bin on the market is different in shape, but they don’t differ significantly – cans with wheels or no wheel, with pedals or no pedal.

(1) low price and easy to use, but also easy to broken;
(2) It can be overlaid with each other to help the transportation and save space and cost;
(3) Single style, not beautiful enough.

2. Steel plate public garbage bin: made it of steel plate by cutting, bending, grinding, and welding, the surfaces treat by electrostatic spraying.

public garbage bin - Steel plate garbage bin

The cold-rolled steel and the galvanized steel are two kinds of materials generally used in the steel plate public garbage bin on the world.

Although the cold-rolled steel plate is easy to rust, fortunately, the surface is spraying treated to solve this problem. However, it’s better not to bump or scratch. Otherwise, the paint layer will lose the maintenance, and the damaged parts will be easy to rust. Relative to cold-rolled steel, galvanized steel plate has a slightly higher degree of rust resistance. The cost is a little higher than cold-rolled steel, but it is the best choice for buyers who require high-cost performance.

Steel plate public garbage bin will be no mold cost because it does not need to open the mold. So there are many styles and fashionable shapes and can be customized.

In terms of thickness: usually, the wall thickness of general b is 1.0mm, and also if thickened ones can reaching 1.2mm or 1.5mm. Of course, there are also Jerry-built ones, with a wall thickness of only 0.8mm. Here suggests that we should pay more attention to it when we are purchasing. Trash cans that are too thin are easy to sink.

(1) Electrostatic spray, bright color, rust-proof, UV resistant, corrosion-resistant.
(2) There are many styles and fashionable shapes.
(3) The price is moderate.

3. Stainless steel waste bin: Made it of stainless steel plate cutting, bending, polishing, and welding. Then we can treat the surface by electrostatic spraying or color plating.

public garbage bin -Stainless steel waste bin

There are two grades of stainless steel trash cans on the market: 201 stainless steel and 304 stainless steel.

201 characterized is with high manganese content, bright surface with dim light. It easily rusts when encountering high-temperature water vapor. 304 contains more chromium. Its exterior appears matte and does not rust.

The corrosion resistance function is importantly different. 201 is relatively weak in corrosion resistance, so the price is much lower. 201 contains a little nickel, so the price is lower than 304, and the corrosion resistance is not as excellent as 304 stainless steel.

In terms of modeling, because the product does not need to open the mold, there will be no mold cost. So there are many styles and fashionable shapes and accept the customized service.

Same as the steel plate public garbage bin, the wall thickness of stainless steel waste bin general is 1.0mm, and if thickened ones, reaching 1.2mm or 1.5mm.

(1) Stainless steel raw materials, UV resistant, rust-proof, corrosion-resistant, fireproof, suitable for all kinds of bad weather and environment;
(2) Many styles, modeling fashion, good quality.
(3) The stainless steel garbage bin can be separated from the pollutants very well, and the cleaning is also very convenient.
(4) Stainless steel waste bin is very durable, not crack, not fade, and has a long service life.

4. Metal and wood outdoor dustbin: the structure welded of cold-rolled steel or galvanized steel, the surface of the construction treated by spraying plastic, and the building equipped with wood strips or alliance of solid wood and plastic(plastic wood).

public garbage bin - Metal and wood outdoor dustbin

There are three kinds of wood: Pine, which is soft and liable to break. And camphor wood, which is light and hard, is a perfect material. Finally, the Chinese fir has high density, durable quality, and useful mothproofing function.

Plastic wood has prominent moisture-proof and water-resistant, acid and alkali resistant, mothproof, antifungal, anti-static, and other functions, but the price is too high for many consumers.

With its excellent shape, plastic and wood outdoor dustbin generally used in high-level residential areas. Even garbage cans are a beautiful landscape.

5. FRP commercial garbage bin: composed of fiberglass and organic resin.

public garbage bin - FRP commercial garbage bin

The factory has two kinds of manufacturing processes for the FRP public garbage bin.

Technology manufacturing: The garbage bin produced in this way has a large thickness and strong resistance to hitting. But the quality is not stable enough, and the wall thickness of the barrel body is different.

Molding: The garbage bin produced in this way has a large production capacity, almost smooth surface, and uniform quality. But the early investment is relatively significant, and the barrel body is comparatively thin.

The FRP public garbage bin made by craft has excellent elasticity, and there are many styles on the market, so there are many options. Although The garbage collection capacity is large, and the reliable and durable service life is long. But no value of misappropriation and recovery.

6. Marble commercial waste bin: Made it of natural marble and high-quality cold-rolled steel plate or stainless steel.

public garbage bin -Marble commercial waste bin

Generally, the marble dustbin is cut, bent, and welded by a stainless steel plate to form a structure, fixed marble on the four sides of the barrel. The surface of the steel is generally gold-plated with its opulent surface, suitable for all kinds of high-grade indoor occasions, popular in the hotels, clubs, and KTV.

(1) The barrel wall is thick and hard to pour.
(2) The appearance is vibrant, bright, and beautiful.
(3) Extremely resistant to wear, acid, alkali, corrosion, and rust.

If you want to buy a few for your garden or outdoor, Amazon and Walmart are two efficient and trustworthy online stores.

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