What will commercial planter do for your space design?

What will the commercial planter do for your space design?

Their use for various purposes, the outdoor and indoor commercial planter can change the whole look and function. Whether it’s a hotel lobby, a city street, or airports, planters are the perfect way to add greenery and definition. Here are but a few ways that our clients have used planters in their design.

Creating A Isolation

Make many identical planters connected into a line, direct visitors where you want them to go. At the same time, keeping an aesthetically pleasing and welcoming atmosphere. When the planter is used at the entrance to guide visitors to the hotel lobby’s reception area, it leaves a deep impression. Placing flower planter pots on the restaurant terrace, pedestrians are protected from cars and annoying traffic noise.

What will commercial planter do for your space design?

Adding Color & Mood

From lightweight fiberglass to shiny stainless steel, the commercial planters can expand or retract in a space, creating a dazzling, ultra-modern display. Choose from the brushed or polished, or specular stainless steel planter for a classic, contemporary look. Once you’ve decided on the planters, add in colorful flowers and vibrant, leafy greenery. And you have instantly elevated your space, making it inviting for guests and prospective customers.

Wholesale stainless steel round flower pots

Keep Private

Instead of using expensive and unsightly fences, why not use modern planters covered with dense green plants as privacy protection screens? Swimming pools, outdoor restaurants, event venues, office lounge areas-these, are just some places that require extra privacy. The best part about using a planter to protect privacy is that you can choose the amount of privacy you want and arrange or configure the planter. And select plants based on their filtering capabilities while maintaining an open concept.

Wholesale stainless steel rectangular planters

Build Your Brand

Wood, fiberglass, metal: In HD garden facilities, our custom planters can be made of almost any material (even these materials can be imitated, but they are lighter and more economical). Customize the ordered planter according to your brand color, and select or customize the style, size, and shape to match your brand appearance. So that you can maintain cohesion throughout the space. The planter can also be further customized with logos and other brand-specific designs, to impress every visitor.


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