How to choose the plant pots?

How to choose the plant pots?

As a new and environmentally friendly landscape products, the outdoor plant pots are becoming more and more popular.
The plant pots can be used not only in the garden, but also as a city road landscape, to beautify the environment.
While beautifying the environment, it is conducive to air purification.
While protecting the environment, it can also make people relaxed and happy.

HD outdoor plant pots

With so many different materials and styles of plant pot, how do you choose the right one? Here are a few things to consider:

1. Observe the environment

Before choosing a plant pot, first carefully observe the surrounding environment in which the pot is to be placed.
The plant pot should be in harmony with the surrounding environment, otherwise it will look awkward.

HD metal plant pots

2. Consider the demand

In addition to the environment, we must also consider the demands.
where re you want to use it, in gardens, squares, or city road? usually the outdoor urban plant pots with a single plant.

large outdoor plant pots

3. Choose the size

To choose the right plant pot, you must choose the right size. Too big or too small will affect the final result, and the placement will look awkward.
In addition, the types of plants to be planted will also affect the plant pots size. Plants with deep roots are not suitable for small plant box.


4. Choose the style

Coordinate with your surroundings, choose right plant pots.
The scatter-style outdoor plant pots suitable for parks or wide squares. Large garden can also be chosen, but not too much.
The marshalling-style outdoor plant pots suitable for street or wid squares, airport etc.
The combined plant pots is suitable for centralized landscaping, and the small combined plant pots can also be placed garden with good results.

HD outdoor combined plant pots

5. Select the material

Each material provides a unique style and flavor and each has its own benefits and drawbacks.

*Clay Pots and Terra Cotta potHD-Clay-plant-pots

Clay is one of the more popular materials for plant pots. Not only do clay pots, especially terracotta pots, have an undeniably attractive finish and color, but they are also very porous, allowing for excellent air flow to your roots.
But the clay are usually delicate, It can easy crack or shatter. In harsh, cold conditions clay and terracotta planters can crack if left outside, and in sunny locations, they can dry out rapidly.

*Concrete and Stone plant potHD stone plant pots

A concrete pots can easily brave the harshest weather conditions. They offer a very classy and professional look, available in many shades and finishes.
As great as they look and as durable as they are, concrete and stone plant pots are heavy and can be expensive.

*Wooden plant potHD wooden plant pots

A wooden plant pot is often a popular choice due to its attractive, natural style and warm appearance.
but the wooden pots affected by the climate, easy to deformation and decay.

*Fiberglass plant pot

Fiberglass plant pots are light, durable, inexpensive, non-corrosive and often frost-resistant. they easily mimic the look of natural materials like clay, stone and terracotta plant pots and most people can’t even tell the difference. A fiberglass plant pots retains moisture much better than any other material so you won’t have to water your plants so frequently.


*Metal plant pot

A metal plant pot is a popular choice for gardeners who prefer modern planters and contemporary planters that have a classy look. Metal planters are sturdy and a great choice for braving cold climates and surviving the winter. Different types of metals have different weights, giving you some flexibility to choose what’s best for your situation. Most metal planters are coated with a primer to help prevent rusting.

stainless steel outdoor plant pots HD PF029

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