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What will use to fill the bottom of a large commercial planter?

What will use to fill the bottom of a large commercial planter? For a large commercial planter, the interior usually is large and deep. If you fill a large planter with soil, not only is the soil expensive, but it’s heavy, and it isn’t good for the growth of plants: Easy to accumulate water; Poor air permeability; Difficult to judge wet or dry.In fact, you can also use many other materials, and these materials can play a good role, to ensure that potted plants or trees continue to grow. [...]

How Do The Factory Made Stainless Steel Waste Recycling Bins?

How Do The Factory Make Stainless Steel Waste Recycling Bins? Stainless steel waste recycling bins are high-end and beautiful, anti-rust, anti-corrosive, and easy to clean. They can be used in airports,  shopping malls, hotels, office buildings, and other indoor places. And in outdoor areas such as municipal streets, parks, and tourist attractions. They have the effect of cleaning and decoration. It will not rust because of the sunshine or rain, and it is very durable.How does the factory make stainless [...]

How to Choose The Right Trash Bins Manufacturer?

How to Choose The Right Trash Bins Manufacturer? Finding a good trash bins manufacturer is one of the most important decisions you will have to make for a new project or business. They play a crucial role in ensuring your products and services are delivered in time, at the right price, and matching your companies quality standards.Nowadays, we can quickly get a lot of trash bins supplier information from Google or Trade shows. Then we are all trying to save [...]


Roll off Dumpsters is the Ideal Solution for City Hygiene

 Roll off Dumpsters is the Ideal Solution for City Hygiene Have you ever saw those large, seemingly out-of-place dumpsters by worksites or villages? While there usually are dumpsters available in most neighborhoods and business places, they might not be enough or permitted for large projects such as business improvements, new site constructions, landscaping projects, and villages. So roll off dumpsters are a convenient and temporary waste solution for homeowners, business owners, and contractors with a construction project or cleanup project [...]


New sorting recycle bins support for waste management

HD  Garden Facilities – a manufacturer and global supplier for waste sorting recycle bins from China New sorting recycle bins support for waste management Usually, we can find public waste recycle bins in hotels, shopping malls, offices, airports, and even the streets and parks. But did you find a persistent problem before? Even though a sizeable commercial space has taken green initiatives by placing appropriate containers for recyclable and non-recyclable waste. But people throw the garbage in the handiest bin. That is [...]

How to place the planters in Plaza?

How to place the planters in Plaza?

How To Place The Planters In Plaza? Different scenes, the choice of planter is also different. However, appropriate placement can make the surroundings more pleasant. Here, we are going to talk about the planter boxes in the Plaza. How to place the planters in Plaza? Five styles to see it at a glance. 1. Classic Style The classical style refers to place the planter boxes vertically, and forming a cross with the main building. Which is very dignified, formal and powerful.2. Surround Style The surround style refers to [...]

Those unexpected creative advertising benches

Those Unexpected Creative Advertising Benches You may have seen the advertisement on the bench in public places, but you sure not have seen such these clever and creative advertising benches. Here are a few interesting outdoor advertising benches, which not only impress you, but also increase the convenience of use, so as to enhance the desire to buy goods. Becherovka “Get Closer” BenchBecherovka is a traditional Czech liquor enjoyed by men and women, the market itself has the slogan “Get Close” which is [...]


Metal park benches make a beautiful landscape in city

Metal Park benches make a beautiful landscape Metal park benches are mostly used in parks, communities, large amusement parks, shopping malls and other public places, its a product for people to rest. The unique design and exquisite production make the metal park benches gradually become a beautiful landscape in the city.Also, park benches bring convenience to people and make the environment more harmonious.Another, park benches is durable and easy to maintain.Chongqing Huangding Garden Facilities Co.,Ltd, is a leading outdoor park benches manufacturer in China. The main categories [...]


How to choose the plant pots?

How to choose the plant pots? As a new and environmentally friendly landscape products, the outdoor plant pots are becoming more and more popular. The plant pots can be used not only in the garden, but also as a city road landscape, to beautify the environment. While beautifying the environment, it is conducive to air purification. While protecting the environment, it can also make people relaxed and happy.With so many different materials and styles of plant pot, how do you choose the right [...]